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Ear Tuck (Otoplasty)

Ear Tuck Otoplasty Performed by Dr. Patt

For patients in need of a surgical ear tuck, or otoplasty, the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to have facial reconstructive surgeon Dr. Bradford Patt available to perform various ear surgery techniques.

Otoplasty is a medical term used to describe what is more commonly known as an ear tuck.

Otoplasty stems from the Greek οὖς, oûs, “ear” + πλάσσειν plassein, “to shape”; hence, it is the surgical reshaping, moving, or augmenting of the ears.

Patients opt for a surgical ear tuck to correct and/or reconstruct various deformities and defects of the external ear. An otoplasty is also performed to construct an external ear in the case of an absent ear or lobe, due to congenital conditions like microtia and anotia, or due to an accident or trauma.

As one of Houston’s “Top Docs” in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology, Dr. Patt specializes in conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. And Houston patients consistently turn to him for education and surgical insight regarding facial reconstructive techniques, including the basics and intricacies of otoplasty.

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What Ear Surgery May Accomplish

Reconstructive surgical specialists, like Dr. Patt, are able to correct several defects or deformities of the external ear for aesthetic purposes. This ear is made in clinical conditions to be of natural appearance, contour, and proportions. Ear tucks are medically achieved via supplementing, moving, and/or reshaping the external ear to support framework cartilage.

Furthermore, since the occurrence of congenital ear deformities can overlap with other medical conditions, corrective otoplasty is preferred to be performed by a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist), like Dr. Patt.

Patients may also choose to have an otoplasty procedure because of how far their ears stick out from their head. This is often a concern with children.

How to Get Started

Otoplasty for cosmetic reasons is generally considered routine surgery for patients at least 5 years or older; by this age, the ears have reached their full size.

If you are seriously considering otoplasty, Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is your expert resource. Schedule your consultation onlinecall us at (281) 649-7170 or fill out the form below for an appointment.

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