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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Technology with Less Downtime

Hair transplants have evolved significantly over the years as innovative cosmetic procedures and technology improve. The procedure entails the transferring of hair follicles from one part of the body to another. The two sites involved in the procedure are called the donor and recipient sites.

Hair transplantation, also commonly known as a hair implant, is useful and most popular when it comes to treating male pattern baldness. The techniques employed during the procedure are less invasive. Physicians generally transplant from the back of the head since hair follicles from those parts are resistant to balding, as this area of the scalp is immune to hormonal adjustments that affect hair loss.

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Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss, or alopecia, can be caused by wide array of factors, such as infection, patterned baldness, trauma, pregnancy, hormone fluctuations, and medications. In most cases, hair loss occurs on the head, and the severity varies from person to person. It is possible for the entire body to experience hair loss. Male-pattern baldness typically results from a combination of genetics and male hormones. However, the cause of female-pattern hair loss is not clearly understood, though it does occur in some women and may be due to hormones as well.

Some medications are known to cause loss without scarring or inflammation. These include medications for hypothyroidism, HIV/AIDS, and chemotherapy. Malnutrition has the capacity to contribute to the hair loss as well, particularly iron deficiency. Meanwhile, alopecia with scarring is associated with radiation therapy, fungal infection, lupus erythematosus, and sarcoidosis.

Ultimately, hair transplant surgery can be useful for restoring different types of hair loss; and on certain areas of the body outside of the head, including eyebrows and beards, depending on the cause of hair loss or coverage needed. In some cases, doctors use transplants to fill in scars caused by accidents, face-lifts, or previous implants.

The NeoGraft® Procedure

The transplanted hair is generally picked from naturally occurring follicular units, which comprise of up to four strands of hair. Advanced brand procedures like NeoGraft® hair transplant, have the capacity to achieve a natural look.

NeoGraft procedure comes with a variety of benefits, including minimal or no discomfort, quick recovery time, minimally invasive, affordable and no linear scarring. It is an advanced method that is well suited to both men and women. NeoGraft takes advantage of the latest hair transplantation technology to restore the hairline. The procedure employs the highly effective follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique to achieve the best results.

It is the first FDA-approved system for harvesting and transplanting hair. The procedure leverages the power of automation to handle the FUE technique. This enables physicians to use pneumatic controls designed to achieve precision hair extraction. The harvested hair follicles are swiftly transplanted on the target areas of the scalp.

Your Hair Transplant with Dr. Patt

Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers patients a well-informed and educational consultation on the ins and outs of transplanted hair restoration. This visit also affords the opportunity for patients to ask pertinent questions, discuss specific needs, and more. Furthermore, your initial consult with Dr. Patt allows him to establish potential causes of hair loss, among other medical details and concerns that you may have.

Once the date for the surgery has been set, it is vital to prepare well. Dr. Patt and staff will provide specific instructions in the regard. Some of the common guidelines include no smoking or alcohol consumption, massaging the scalp, avoiding using aspirin and anti-depressants, no haircuts before surgery, and you may be required take certain medications like Minoxidil (depends on procedure).

The hair transplant procedure takes hair follicles or grafts from the rear of the head, or other positive donor areas of the body, and positions these grafts onto hairless areas around the scalp.  Dr. Patt will extract the follicles himself, because this minimizes the rate of transection (i.e. the number of follicles cut midway through dissection or extraction).

Patients will also be given specific recommendations and instructions regarding the recovery period. The uniqueness of the NeoGraft® procedure is that it offers little downtime, and patients can return to regular activities faster than that of traditional hair transplant surgeries.

You don’t have to lose another strand of hair, find out if this form of hair restoration is right for you!  Ready to get started? Request an appointment online below, or call (281) 649-7170.

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