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Moving from BEFORE to AFTER

For some people, looking in the mirror can be a painful experience that can chip away at their self-esteem and personal confidence. They may not be happy with the shape or size of their nose, with the cheeks that have begun to sag down the side of their face, with the sunken frown lines across the forehead, or with the noticeable signs of aging that have started much sooner than they desire. Many of these issues can be unsettling, as the mirror may not perfectly reflect the heart and character of the person who sees his or herself in the reflection, and wonders how they are perceived by others.

Most people want the essence of who they are on the inside to also reflect what they and others see outwardly. This is where Dr. Bradford Patt and the staff of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery step in. For nearly 20 years, they have been helping patients move from a BEFORE, to an AFTER that reflects the confident and young-at-heart person that they truly are.

Take a look at some of these BEFORE and AFTER experiences below…


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A surgical rhinoplasty procedure changes the appearance of the nose and can have dramatic effects on your physical appearance, while (in most cases) letting you return to normal life remarkably quickly. This procedure involves re-contouring the cartilage and bone of the nose while maintaining, or even improving, the breathing function of the nose. Our special expertise in this area comes from training in both otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) and facial reconstructive surgery. Both men and women who have attained full adult growth are good candidates for this procedure.

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    Before After
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    Before After

Puffiness and a tired appearance around the upper and lower eyelids are one of the earliest signs of aging in both men and women, and is sometimes contributed to hereditary factors. Blepharoplasty can erase the “bags” under the eyes and remove the heavy skin over the upper eyelids to restore the eyebrows to a more youthful position.  Eyelid lifts also have a purpose and value beyond that of aesthetic plastic surgery; they can be performed to eliminate obstruction caused by droopy eyelids, and to help expand one’s visual field.

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What Does Your Mirror Reflect?

Your need to have confidence in your appearance when you look in the mirror is important. The true benefits of facial plastic surgery include:

  • Looking younger and more vibrant.
  • Improved social and professional life.
  • Increased physical health.
  • Big boosts in self-confidence and esteem.

If you are not entirely happy with your reflected image, or have noticed true signs of aging, it may be time for you to move from BEFORE to AFTER, and to uncover your mirror. Call our office today at 281-552-8188, or schedule your appointment online below.

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