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Chin Augmentation (Genioplasty)

Genioplasty is the medical surgical term for chin augmentation, also known as chin repositioning.  It stems from the Greek words geneion (chin, cheek) + plasto (formed). Reconstructive surgery of the chin usually occurs when a person’s chin is weak or small in appearance, as well as when it is larger or protruding from the rest of the face. Chin augmentation is the most common procedure which brings balance to the facial structure.

Chin Disproportion

A weak chin can be due to congenital deficiency, age-related bone loss, or facial trauma; all of which can cause the lower portion of one’s face to look out of proportion. This is because the chin looks too small, or pushed back and away from the rest of the face. Weak chin disproportion can sometimes make a normal nose appear large; moreover, if a person has a more prominent nose, a weak chin can make it appear even larger. This chin condition may also give the appearance of too much flesh around the neck. Chin Augmentation procedures for a weak chin can range from the temporary injection a soft tissue augmentation fillers, to more permanent measures, like chin implants.

As the goal of any genioplasty procedure is to bring proportion balance to the structure of the face, in some cases, this may mean chin reduction for a person who has a large and protruding chin in appearance. While chin augmentation can be a relatively simple procedure, it still requires good judgment, great skill, and a good aesthetic eye.

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Genioplasty Techniques

One technique utilizes surgical implants to alter the underlying chin structure; while another involves the task of manipulating the jaw bone, also known as the mandible. The latter technique usually has more dramatic corrections or results than is achieved by using prosthetic implants. Manipulation can also involve a patient’s own bone donation, usually from ribs or part of the pelvis known as the ilium. The use of donated bone implants however, even with the patient’s own bone, appears to have a higher association rate with infection. Furthermore, these possible infections from genioplasty can sometimes appear decades later.

Chin augmentation has patient popularity, and is a relatively easy operation that offers quite noticeable and pleasing changes in the silhouette of one’s face. This facial plastic surgery is often performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty procedure to help facilitate a desired balance to one’s facial appearance.  This type of surgery combination is not necessary for every patient, and isn’t required to be done simultaneously. Ultimately, it depends on the patient’s need and desire, as well as Dr. Patt’s professional recommendation.

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